Review: "The First Purge" Tons of Action, not much Horror | TG Geeks - The Two Gay Geeks
The Purge movies have been a big hit. My husband loved the first, "The Purge." When I read the synopsis and watched the trailer for "The First Purge", I was intrigued by the idea of the filmmakers giving us more of the origin to what could make the United States institute The Purge, a 12 hour period in which all crime is legal. I was hoping for a psychological intrigue. While the movie had some interesting political commentary, there was less psychological and more action with a lot less origin story than I was expecting. In "The First Purge", a new political party, the New Founding Fathers of America, or NFFA have come into power, promising a change. In order to bring crime below 1%, they decide to institute an experiment in Staten Island. They encourage people to sign up, using money to incentivize people, not only to remain on the Island but also to actively participate in the violence. In the midst of those who want to embrace the night, there are others, like Nya (Lex Scott Davis)