Social Saturday – Puppet Pie | TG Geeks - The Two Gay Geeks
Editor Note: This week we turn over our Social Saturday to our good friend, Tommy Cannon. Tommy had mentioned this place a couple of times so, I asked him to write us a little piece and we would publish it (and of course, give him credit). So, here it is: Puppet Pie Puppet Pie is a puppet studio run by nationally acclaimed puppeteer Stacey Gordon. Gordon's studio is a unique puppet wonderland where she creates finger puppets that are true originals and are always adorable. Her hand made hand puppets are also incredibly creative and innovative in their design and in their ability to stir anyone's imagination. Talking sandwiches, odd monsters, space aliens, smiling carrots and other fantastic characters adorn the racks of the Puppet Pie Studio. If any of those fun creations catch your eye, no worries! Gordon has a website that allows customers to purchase a Puppet Pie original. is the url to her online shop where plenty of fleecy friends await fun homes. Now you