Weekend in Las Vegas 2007 | Teton Trekker
April 12th - 17th Most memorable moments... Elvis Spotting! Watching Julie try to sneak up and pinch Damon in the a$$ The girls all coming down the water slide in the shark tank The lesbians in the hot tub. The alley at the Tattoo parler Sliding down the slide at the shark tank Tim was pinching Damons a$$ opps sorry what happens in vegas stays in vegas That really bad garlic smell.... pewy Photos: Vegas 2007 A visit with Judy W e all went to visit Judy on Sunday at her new residence. She looks great....has red/brown hair, a new chair that is very fancy and is making new friends...of course. We gave her our email addresses and phone numbers etc. If you have her 909 cell number it is still active and she has a number at the new place too. She is for sure wishing for lots more company but says she is content! Judy Berryman-Gilbertson 1962 "Butterfly '62" Las Vegas 2007 with Dave '78 & Roxanne (Olejnik) '80 Hernandez, Tim Meeks '76, Dixie (Odom) Megrew '65, Julie (Krejci) Wilson