The Infamous TP job of 1976 | Teton Trekker
Vicki & I have been BFFs since 5th grade, we lived next door to each other in Azusa, we were born on the same day, and we both played flute in the AHS Marching Band. In High School, fall weekends in Azusa consisted of performing at all Friday night football games, half time shows at home games, then Saturday Marching band competitions. Azusa had a very good marching band. After the Friday night game a group of us would get together and go TP houses of the other band members as a good luck token for our Saturday morning band review. Only the cool kids got their house TP'd, I was a geek so I never expected my house to get TP'd. Apparently when my dad was a kid only the geeks got their house TP'd because one night when our house got hit my Dad chased the kids down the street, in his underwear, waiving a gun and yelling profanities at the kids.... or so I was told. My dad came in yelling at me that I was going to clean that whole mess myself, I was trying not to smile because