Teton County Fair 2007 | Teton Trekker
My Entries "A day with the Family" 2-Portrait RED - Second 4-Animal WHITE - Third 5-Wildflower RED - Second 8-Human interest WHITE - Third 14-Cell Phone Photo WHITE - Third 15-Any other RED - Second Rules: A person may enter only one article per class, in all classes including the "any other" category. The superintendent may make exceptions to this entry limitation at the time of entry. Entries should not be entered in the "any other" class if there is a division for that item. DEPARTMENT O: OPEN CLASS PHOTOGRAPHY Division 1 - Adult Class # 1-Landscape 2-Portrait 3-Wildlife 4-Animal 5-Wildflower 6-Ranch and farm life 7-Action 8-Human interest 9-Historical 10-Floral (not wildflower) 11-Old time photo (pre 1950) 12-Still life 13-Abstract 14-Cell Phone Photo 15-Any other Damon's Entry 4-Animal WHITE - Third