Pig Wrestling 2003 | Teton Trekker
Teton County Fair SJMC Surgical Services Sassy Sows Sharon, Jamie, M'Rique, & Julie Our Vote for the Best Costume there!!! Look Out Pig, Here comes trouble! What exactly about working in the medical field makes rolling around in the mud with a pig and 3 friends sound so appealing? The 4 Pines PT team and Harrison's Hog Handlers The SSRI "Super Swine Rastling INC." The Pharmacy gals Zippy Zoloft: Cindi Peppy Prozac: Candy Cexy Celexa: Laurel Leggy Lexapro: Heather 3 teams from SJMC, one team from 4 pine PT, and at least two kids teams with offspring from SJMC employees! The Mrs Piggy team above included. SSRI get ready... Get set... GO! Get that pig! A cheer for luck ~ Rumplestilskin! Jamie & Waiting our turn ebbada-ebbeda-ebbeda Our strategy, sneak up on the pig. go slow and not scare him. Just slowly walk over, pick him up, & stuff his bum in that barrel. Too bad the pig knew what we were up to and wanted no