Mom's Clean Sweep | Teton Trekker
~ Before ~ Clock In : 6/18/06 - 11:45am O' Son of mine usually washes his sheets, after the big storm last Wednesday the dog was all muddy and slept on the bed. 3 years ago I cleaned and organized his room, it took over 8 hours. I was never going to clean it again. The dust on his shelves has turned to dirt. Well, I'm tired of begging, nagging, and yelling. He's out of town and I have house guests half the summer so I'm cleaning it and throwing away stuff so it is presentable. - send a search party if I turn up missing.... He is not allowed to have food or drinks in his room.... look around! ~ Progress Notes ~ day 1 ~6/18/06 - Clock In : 1145am Break: 1420 - 1515 Stop: 2020 day 2 ~ A little vacuuming in the clean half, 2 more loads of laundry, order new bed, sheets, &amppillow. day 3 ~ Bring in roll-away bed (new bed not in until 6/30), 3 more loads laundry, clean and reposition shelves (1 hour). day 4 - more laundry! ahhhhh!!! Did the last load-TG! Another 30