Las Vegas Weekend 2002 | Teton Trekker
We consumed much alcohol, ate much food, Rolled many dice, wore out the slots, & shopped 'til we dropped. What a BLAST!!! Departure from Jackson Hole Departure from Colorado/California The girls take an infamous "Wilson Detour" to a small corner of Zion National park. Saturday Morning at the Gold Coast Roxanne Lafferty-Wilson (Julie's friend), Julie Krejci-Wilson '79, Irene Schroeder (Julie's Friend), Dave Hernandez '78, Roxanne Olejnik-Hernandez '80, Tim Meeks '76, Caryn Meeks (Tim's Honey) Julie, Gabriel Santana Falcon '80, Roxanne Dave, Roxanne, Tim, Caryn Lynette (Julie's friend). Irene, Kathie (Julie's Mom), Julie Tim, Julie, Dave, Caryn FOOD FIGHT! ¯¯macho, macho men.... ¯¯ ¯Roooooxxxxxaaaannneee¯ Kathie, Caryn, Juli, Roxanne, Lynette, Irene, Roxanne Tim, Caryn, Roxanne, Julie We finished off the weekend by seeing Gabe perform in the show Storm at the Mandalay Bay. Thanks Gabe!! Kathie, Gabe,