June 3rd, 1940 | Teton Trekker
Monday morning Dear Mae, Read your letter this morning, sure was glad to hear from you. I am having a good time but not as good as I had last year. Of course I didn't expect to, it is entirely different, but it will be cheaper. It is very pretty here but nothing much to do but swim, but I am enjoying that. We have been going to the Gulf and Tampa Bay, we went to church yesterday morning and had dinner in town. Spent the rest of the day at Treasure Island, it is on the Gulf. We are planning on leaving here Thursday morning and go to Silver Springs and part of the East Coast. Hope I don't get disappointed. They want to stay with Mr. Taylor as long as they can. Think I will go to town and see a show today. Hope Lucille will get to go to Mobile, I know she will enjoy it. I haven't heard much about the war. We don't have a radio and haven't seen but one paper since we arrived, so you see I don't know much. Thank you for sending Blondie, I got a kick out of it.They want to know who