I'm the Meanest mom in the whole world! | Teton Trekker
This weekend the 'get the teen out of bed to go skiing' thing hit a head. His schedule last week other than school included Boy Scouts Tuesday, we let him go to the Teen Center after school Thursday, and he went to a friends house after school Friday. Saturday morning my husband dragged him out of bed at 0830 to go dig snow caves with the boy scouts for for next weekends camp out. Sunday I got him up at 0900 to go skiing. He didn't want to go, he wanted to sleep until noon then play video games the rest of the day. I have a rule, if he skips skiing no video games all day. My husband applies the same rule to scouting events. I dragged his grumpy bum out of bed at 0900 and we headed out the door at 1100, plenty of time to improve his attitude. But to no avail, he was in such a foul mood when we got the ski hill if flowers had been around they would have wilted. "Skiing is boring and I don't like it any more!". And from that moment on he was determined to NOT have a good time. It snowed