Disney World 2007 | Teton Trekker
Jackson Hole High School Concert Band April 27th, 2007 A year and a half of fundraising, 110 students, 15 chaperones, 2 staff members, 5 days, 21 hours sleep, 5 blisters on my feet, and the opportunity of a lifetime! Each chaperone was in charge of 7 or 8 kids and their money. Thank God for cell phones, I don't know how group trips like this worked without them. We had a great time and brought home lots of good memories. I would highly recommend that any parent given an opportunity like this take it in a heartbeat! The Chaperones Mr Dunham Day 1 The Hotel, we had floor 3 Marquee @ Epcot Kids watching fire work show @ Epcot Kyle and I before performance Quote of the week... Day 4, the last night we were there, most of the kids arrived at the hotel in time to swim. Cerfew was midnight and all the kids were wound from the weeks events. We received a couple of complaints about the noise by the floor below us and security was sent to ask us to keep it down. One of