The Good Earth – Book Review | Writer & Author Teresa Little
Some books sweep you away and the reasons you love them jump off the page. After reading The Good Earth, it's hard to say what captured me. Of course, it is a classic. A Pulitzer Prize winner. The writing holds up. It is still rich, simple, and beautiful, with an effortless flow from beginning to end. However when I finished the book, I couldn't say what the 'It' factor was that grabbed me. There was no gush, no excitement, no explanation for why I wanted to read Sons (the second in the trilogy) or why in the billions of books we have to read I'd tell anyone to pick up The Good Earth and devote some hours. Aren't our hours already in too much demand? This led me back to reading attempt number one where I floundered not far past page one. I'm not sure what I was expecting. I remember the language feeling clunky and not being in the mood for Wang Lung or his wedding day so I switched to something I thought at the time less boring. Attempt number two saw me from beginning to end in two