Sharks Teeth | Writer & Author Teresa Little
Her toes dug into the sand. "I'm not going." He didn't hear her as he bent to pick up another shark's tooth from amongst the broken shells littering the shoreline. They had been arguing now for the last ten minutes. "Here." Ben said placing the small black tooth in her hand. Afraid of the words coming his way he quickly bent once more. They had been this way all summer. Him singing her praises and giving chase, her running away. Now that he had finally caught her, she was going away. Why sending her away with a bunch of sharks' teeth was more important than actually owning up to his feelings, Ben couldn't say. He heard her sigh in frustration, Ben bent lower, concentrating now, as if placing one more tooth in her hand would make everything okay. "Did you hear me?" Sarah stooped. "I leave at the end of the week." She paused, stared over at his tanned form. His dark brown hair hung in salted curls, the tips sun kissed in rich reds and golds. Those curls would be on his stylist's floor