New Year – New you | Writer & Author Teresa Little
Or rather New Me. 2018 is the year of action manifested. It is a year of doing what you love and loving what you do. In our crazy world such a simple thing may not seem like much but it matters. Which is why my word of the year is DO! As in: Yes, I do have a book in print. Yes, you will find it on Amazon (further on down the road in 2018). There it is my people of the page, my intention for the year. I have high hopes and the excitement of a two-year old on a caffeine sugar high considering said book is knee-deep in the "work in progress" stage and must crawl through editing then walk hand in hand with happy beta readers before running gleefully to a bookstore near you. (Not really, still Amazon. I just wanted to say that.) Actually publishing a book is the furthest thing from my mind. I still have to write it first. This gets right to the point of the word – do. As in, writing is doable. I'm not scaling Everest or performing brain surgery. No lives are on the line and the worst that