Friday Writing Prompt # 2 | Writer & Author Teresa Little
If you fell down a rabbit hole, what do you think you'd find? A little bunny in his home, all snuggled in for winter. He'd be drinking hot carrot soup and reading about Peter Rabbit. Maybe he would invite me to stay. He has lots of books lining his wall. Plus the house looks really cozy with its quilted Easter egg lamp shades and pastel wallpaper. Okay, not really. I'll be serious now... I tripped. Isn't that how all good thing begin or was that bad? I can't keep things straight when I am three inches tall. No I did not drink any potions or eat any magic mushrooms. Nor was there some disaster. I am naturally this tall. They call me a sprite, a pixie, a dust dervish. Usually I am about tumbling in my tumble weeds. You see I tumbled right into this train, which led me to the bumper of a car and you really don't want to hear about that. But alas, that is another story. Besides it led me here. This bunny hole, it really isn't bad. It is warm and for Florida the land of sunshine and