Friday Writing Prompt # 1 | Writer & Author Teresa Little
In a recent trip to Five Below I unearthed this little book gem - 400 Writing Prompts by #piccadillyinc and figured I'd share the prompts on Facebook and then put my brainstorming attempts here. 500 Words is the writing goal, but attempt # 1 weighs in at a lean 300. That's life. Enjoy the rambles. While at the beach you decide to write a message in a bottle. What would it say? Who would you like to find it? Sitting in the sand, my hand digging against broken shells I feel the smoothness of sea glass not quite ripe. Pulling it up I find it is not a broken shard but a bottle sealed shut. Canned air from god knows where hits sky. I stick my finger inside the rim and carry it home. Twirling it on the counter I imagine where it has been, what this bottle has seen. My fingers itch to leave a note, return it to the sea. But what to say to that far off imaginary person living beneath the waves? The mermaid I longed to be as a child. Tail flipping strongly through the crystal waters as she