Dreaded Red Ink | Writer & Author Teresa Little
I've been there and it wasn't pretty. Think murder scene with lots of arterial spray. That's how it felt too, like walking in and seeing my butchered baby twitching on the floor in its death throws. Each red line and critical review felt like a personal affront. Sorry. I can't not take it personally. I mean really, how can I be detached? After countless hours spent pouring over each and every word, (maybe not every word), pulling out my hair and chewing pencils, worrying about plot, characters, living and breathing them for months (or years), this hot mess is all I have to show for my efforts? Okay so the transfer from great idea in my head to paper didn't turn out that well. And no, I didn't develop some things, or really, um, see that from so-and-so's POV. Which is why once the shock wears off and some distance has set in, red ink can be good. No one is ever out to tear our stories apart for fun. (If they are, live and learn: never feed the trolls more than once.) As to the