Book Review – Prince Of Tides | Writer & Author Teresa Little
It isn't often that the two halves of my soul (the reader and the writer) agree on a book's worth and find something different to admire in the process. Yet this is exactly what Pat Conroy accomplished with The Prince of Tides. I've seen the movie, it's old, and it is one that has always stuck with me. To date I think it is one of the best performances I've ever seen by Nick Nolte. His chemistry with Barbara Streisand "Lowenstein" by the end, just gets ya. So here is what I loved as a reader: Conroy pulled me in immediately. Tom Wingo is cranky, gruff, and jumped from the page fully formed - albeit with Nolte's voice in my head. The writing is rich and his details are at times so alive I could smell the pungent waters Tom Wingo grows up on. He didn't dummy down his words. (Helps that the book was published in 1986 long before Twitter changed how we read.) The characters are exceedingly well formed and the bonds between the family are exquisite in their heartbreak and their love. The