Native Vs Hybrid – Demystifying the Technology Dilemma
All businesses face a common dilemma while deciding on mobile app development: should they choose native apps or hybrid apps. If you too are undecided about your choice, here are tips to help you decide what suits your needs best- Native Mobile Application Development or Hybrid App development. First, you need to understand the difference between the two types of apps, unravel the mystery that surrounds these two names. The two principle technologies used for app development are the Android and the iOS. Both these systems work with the latest hand held devices that now dominate this world. The app you develop needs to work across all platforms to meet this shift in focus. Multi-platform apps development is challenging, and at the same time it brings opportunities to develop more and more creative and impressive products. A native app is defined as smart phone or tablet application that is developed for specific and fixed operating systems. Such native apps have numerous advantages.