How to Upgrade Your Smartphone Camera Using Apps
Nearly all of us take photos using our phone's camera; those who don't are likely pro photographers with separate professional DSLR cameras and some very bulky lenses. For the rest of us, taking a good picture depends on two factors: the quality of our phone and the right apps to fill in the blanks. Buying a good phone isn't the harder of the two things to figure out; most of the more expensive phones come with the better cameras. Assuming you're at the second step, you'd probably like to know which apps to use so you can take awesome photos for your Instagram account or to keep to yourself. Look no further; here are some great apps to make your photo dreams come true. Android Users Camera Zoom FX Of all the photo apps available for Android, few come with higher recommendations from professionals and everyday users alike than Camera Zoom FX. With a host of features and a friendly interface, this app helps avoid common pitfalls that default apps frequently leave our cameras suffering