Top Free iPad Games 2017
Top 200 Free iPad Games At last… The new iPad is here, it's HERE! Steve Jobs calls it 'magical'; Apple fans report they're excited, the detractors between us claim it's just a big iPod player, another wireless digital frame, a toy, a brick, a fancy tray, expensive mirror, babies' surfboard or electronic sun cover – stop it, STOP IT! Lets face it guys, If you're a gamer, not a fake but a REAL gamer, the kind that can sit like 48 hours in front of the tele and burn those long and curvy high speed race tracks all the way to the victory, or feel that you're the only true mighty fighter on earth that can easily save his planet while busting those mudda fucka ugly aliens that invaded from out of space a few hours ago - if you're that guy/gal - then you should know. A strong and portable gaming machine, with built in accelerometer that can act as a steering wheel, a shooting gun or anything else that would literally lead your way to the top, in this case the iPad, can definitely be the