Chat Mistake on Battle.Net | Tech & Tonic
Oops. Was playing some D3 last night with SparkleSpanx and was running my level 50 Barbarian. I joined her game which was a Paragon level 71+ Barb (i think) running on Torment or higher, I forget. Anyway, I was getting killed with one hit from just about anything, and really needed to power level this toon. I had asked her in the chat to help power level my character (running Nephalem Rifts or Bounties on Torment++ where they just kill everything and you reap the XP gainz). Except when I made my next joke, I had accidentally switched over to General D3 Bnet chat, when I posted "please power bottom me". This was intended as a PM to Spanx, but ended up going to everyone in the public chat... Here is one of many responses I got to my embarassing message: