Mandala tattoo designs came from our prehistoric era. Our ancestors also ink these tattoo designs. In our ancient era it is used to represent the overall universe. It also relate with the spiritual values of Hinduism and Buddhism. Many people ink them to look best. Mandala designs is related to religion and feels that it is a symbol denotes to nature. People strongly believe that who inked this mandala tattoo design on their body is having the special blessings of god. Those people went to heavens. All of it is myths. Mandala tattoo designs always represent Sun, the Stars and the Universe. In tattoo world Mandala tattoo designs are very much in demand. It is loved by all age groups of lovers. Their shapes are basically geometric like squares, triangles, diamond, circle and so on. Mandala tattoo designs are inked on various body parts like hands, legs, under chest, thighs, back, shoulder, hips and wherever you want. They are in a various sizes and colourful also. Colourful Mandala tattoo designs always looks stunning and enhance your personality and gives you a unique style. In my new article 99+ INTRICATE MANDALA TATTOO DESIGNS FOR ALL includes the various types of Mandala tattoo designs. Go and have a look on it and increase your look by inked it. I assure you love it and suggest it to your love ones to try it at least at once.