Semicolon tattoos trend comes from recent years. Everyone knows about that. Yes it is the (!). The punctuation mark or we called it as semicolon tattoo is small in size so we can easily put it on our wrist. It is used in the grammer for stop sometime. They steadily go on a high popularity in last years. People might have imagined the semicolon tattoos on the basis of popularity. It is the symbol as well as the simple tattoo designs. The semicolon tattoo designs are very much popular among tattoo lovers. In my new article 60+ INCREDIBLE SEMICOLON TATTOO DESIGNS includes various types of semicolon tattoo designs for everyone. They are small as well as large in size. You can easily ink it on your body to enhance your personality. They can be inked on the naval also for women. It definitely works be a part of fashion. They are inked by both the techniques temporary as well as permanent also. I suggest you to go through it and inked it whatever you want