Maori has travelled such a long journey from New Zealand. It is about 700 years ago. The designs of the Maori culture are might be perfect as per your lovable designs. It is born from the warrior culture and conveys a message of boldness. The designs are popular in the ancient era. There is a message and the story behind every designs of Maori culture. It is for both men's as well as women's. Tattoos that are inked by the person in which tattoo designers having numerous ideas of their own to ink on your body. The designs are larger as well as small in size. You have to inspire by the integrity of the tattoo designs. It may differ in colours but the meaning behind them is always having a story which is related to the war. It is the best form of expressing the culture using body art. Captain James Cook is the founder of Maori tattoo designs. They are intricate designs and were quite intrigued. These designs are fabulous and I assure you that if you see them then you cannot hold yourself to ink on your body. In my new article (50+ LATEST MAORI TATTOO DESIGNS FOR TATTOO LOVERS) you found a latest collection as per your interest.