Wadi Mujib, Jordan – the funniest scary trip ever | Tanya GO Travel
I did not know what to expect. All I knew in advance was that I want to do Wadi Mujib. A colleague of mine described it as a "must try "adventure. His short note pointed out that Wadi Mujib is a beautiful canyon, with a slow water stream through, a level that barely reaches the ankles. The same colleague briefed me long ago that it takes about an hour, depending on the pace and you know that the canyon is over at the moment you get to the waterfalls. To a person who loves walking it sounded pretty attractive and I got quite curious to give it a try immediately after Ramadan 2019, during the Eid holidays. I planned my trip to Madaba and Mount Nebo and was pretty sure that I'll stop over and will complete Wadi Mujib in the meantime. Well… here comes Woody Alan's saying: "If you want to make God laughing tell him about your plans". I passed by the canyon entrance at the beginning of June but somehow skipped to make that trek. Then, my sons confirmed their trip to