Bahrain – the island of don'ts | Tanya GO Travel
That's my first impression of Bahrain. I just went out of the airport and already felt banned. What strikes the eyes is the series of prohibitions and do not do things welcoming the guest upon arrival. This is a bit weird because the vast majority of the expats believe Bahrain is the most liberal of all the Gulf countries. I heard legends about the nightlife here, the casual dress code, no requirements of modest clothing, quite Westerner type of life, not strict limitation of alcohol - so my expectations were to pop up at a fairly free spirit island. Bahrain International Airport First time in Bahrain. Getting in was much easier than in Kuwait. No complicated procedures, no waiting in a line for visa, no confusion what and where to be paid. Right before the passport control a small desk offers immigration forms to be filled – country of origin, passport data, and address in Bahrain. With the completed short form, I headed directly to the passport control, where the visa upon