A birthday tour in Kuwait | Tanya GO Travel
Undoubtedly, December is the best month of the year for visiting Kuwait. Mild weather, spring to summer day temperatures (regarding the European standards), slight breeze, friendly sun, fresh greenery. The maximum day temperature reaches 22-24 C degrees, the minimum is about 12. It's lovely staying outdoor - no fog, no haze, no dust. In July and August it's hard to even breathe outside with harsh sun and 50 C degree heat. But the winter is a real blessing in Kuwait. In addition, some shiny Christmas decoration could be found around, that makes the environment look festive and amusing. Prior to my arrival, I was unaware of all that above and picked December accidentally. But it was a very good choice, that I am grateful for. It's December 17th, my birthday. Some friends and relatives felt entertained when I announced it's my 28th birthday, only I celebrate it for the 20th time. I knew the day was going to be spectacular from the morning. A bright, sunny, fresh