Kuwait – wowed at landing | Tanya GO Travel
This morning I asked myself: "Why did I come to Kuwait?" The answer seemed to be simple - because I have never been there, so respectively I was curious to visit and explore it. It was surprising to realize that I have never asked myself this question before, wherever my journey brought me to. That's my first morning in Kuwait. What I have seen up to now is only the airport, partially the night city during my driving tour, the beach and the sunrise this morning. Ohhh, the sunrise was really beautiful, one of the best ones I have ever experienced. Right at the airport, I met two people who made me doubt my visit here. The driver, a very polite Egyptian, who used to work in the Gulf for the last 10 years. And an Indian, landing from Dubai, guest of the same hotel where I was about to stay and a passenger I was sharing the airport shuttle with. At Kuwait shiny airport We had a delightful chat and my hotel mate kindly asked me if