Surviving the heaviest flood in Petra, Jordan | Tanya GO Travel
I was one of the closest witnesses of the heaviest flood for the last 60 years in Petra, Jordan. It was a smashing event, which left breathless even the native locals who are generally used to the floods in the area and experience two or three per year in the Valley of Moses (Wadi Musa). It was November 9th , 2018 . It began as a quiet usual day in Petra, full of tourists, as November is peak season here, normally over crowded by foreigners. (the flood in the middle of May, 2018, next to the Treasury, Petra, Jordan) I did not have any time to get scared. Everything was happening so speedily and appeared suddenly literally from nowhere. Nothing that day indicated for a dramatic development. The morning was even sunny, with thousands of visitors, impatient to see and enjoy the second of the new seven world wonders. About noon it starting drizzling, not really raining, and no one paid