Mind blowing last minute trip to Albania | Tanya GO Travel
What's the first association at the moment you hear Albania? I guess most of you have never even heard about Albania. For the rest, it's an unknown country, thrown in the middle of nowhere, considered uninteresting, out of the travel paths, unsafe, scary, not worth to visit… What if I oppose, you were completely wrong in those assumptions and Albania is about to become a real European travel gem? Shocking, isn't it? If I say, I was not interested in visiting Albania it would be false. On the contrary – Albania was already in my travel bucket list, but I did not have any plans (at all) to complete it in May, an extremely busy and hectic month for me. Albania came as a summer rain, popping up from nowhere. One of those weird journeys you get aware today you are going to travel to tomorrow. That's what literally happened to me. Highway Via Egnatia My Albanian travel began from Thessaloniki, the second biggest Greek city, located in Northern Greece, right on the Aegean Sea. Early in