My wonder trip to Petra, Jordan | Tanya GO Travel
That's one of the most remarkable and surprising sights I have ever traveled to. The ancient city of Petra, Jordan, known as Nabataeans' Kingdom capital is a 2000 year old habitat, a mystical place, full of secrets, meant to fascinate, enchant and hypnotise. Yes, I am biased, but you would become biased too, just stepping into these surreal red-rose lands, stretched between the mountain and the desert. I can guarantee, a trip to Petra, Jordan would teach you humility, at the same time will provide you joy and pride, sharing this enigma spot with thousands of others, curious and thrilled to explore underneath Petra's surface. In Petra the light is different. It changes non-stop and makes you feel as Alice in Wonderland. Everything here amazes - unearthly colours, sudden breeze in the middle of nowhere, timeless carvings, precise masterpieces, mysteriously looking Bedouins, weird sounds, stunning bird eye views...No doubt, it's a land with own spirit, with a touching