10 reasons to skip a travel to Paphos, Cyprus | Tanya GO Travel
Three weeks in Paphos, Cyprus and I already have a new hobby. I daily started practicing to greet unknown people in the street. Why? Well, obviously I do it on purpose. My general impression of the locals is of grumpy, non-stop complaining, hard to please people, able to explode for no reason. They look somehow distant, in a hurry, overloaded by problems, never smile and never greet, while passing by. I understand - greeting unknown people is out of the local culture, but my aim is to brighten a bit this thunderous attitude. At the Broadwalk (I mentioned it in my previous article "10 reasons to holiday in Paphos") while you are passing the tourists, they always smile at you and politely greet you. Of course, mostly German and British couples. The Russians never smile and salute. So, I got the idea to spread smiles and greetings as often as I can, even if it looks bizarre. And guess what - it works out. I nod my head, smile widely and greet every person passing by. Surprisingly,