TOP 10 must visit sights in Oslo, Norway | Tanya GO Travel
If you had the option to go for a weekend break somewhere abroad at the end of March, where would you go? Somewhere sunny? By an ocean or a sea? Well, what if I tell you I ticked all those by going to Scandinavia. I hear what you are saying…why Scandinavia? Of course, there was snow everywhere. Of course, it was not very warm. But it was an experience that gifted me some warm memories. On Good Friday, we flew to Oslo, Norway for a weekend break. We knew temperatures were sub-zero during the night and our luggage was prepared based on that assumption. However, the moment the plane passed across the Northern Sea, the sight from the plane was amazing. It was ALL white! If I had the mood from three months earlier, probably would have started singing Christmas songs and browsing the sky for Santa's sleigh. When we landed in Oslo, we were pleasantly surprised. Sunny, not a single cloud in sky and even though my phone showed 4 C, it did not feel that cold. We passed through a not