10 reasons to holiday in Paphos, Cyprus | Tanya GO Travel
If I should describe the typical colour of Paphos, Cyprus, I would define it as "tired green". It's the association, which pops up in my mind when I look around. Lots of green, indeed, but mixed with dark yellow and brownish. The spot seems like a weird mixture of pre-desert environment and a tropical island. The blooming oleander and begonia bushes add an oriental pinky/red nuance, so the final impression is of an exotic piece of land, secluded in the South Eastern Mediterranean Sea. The day I arrived in Cyprus, I found I already speak fluently both the most commonly spoken languages there. No, it's not Greek, neither Turkish. I am in the Southern part of the island. The most common spoken language in Cyprus is English. The second one is Russian. Actually, every other label, announcement or slogan in the Cypriot streets is in Russian. Also, all the brochures are bilingual – English/Russian. The biggest Russian colony in Cyprus is in the city of Limassol. That's