Gladiator road trip in Tunisia | Tanya GO Travel
I went to El Jem, Tunisia, just because it was included in the programme, arranged by the travel agency. My departure point was city of Sousse (the third most populated city in Tunisia), where our group was originally accommodated for a week stay. I had no high expectations of the day trip to El Jem. It was supposed to be just a regular Tunisian sightseeing visit, so my idea was to welcome everything along the journey, to enjoy the surroundings and to soak the upcoming historical information. When I arrived there, though, I was unable to trust my eyes. Suddenly, I realised how ignorant I was. I saw a stunning, well preserved colosseum, which looked much better than the Roman one, also much approachable and authentic. Till that moment, I had no clue about the existence of other ancient amphitheatres, except the one in Rome, Italy. I was somehow convinced the amphitheatre in Rome, where the gladiators' fights were held, was unique, perfect and exceptional. The amphitheatre