"Be positive" life journey | Tanya GO Travel
As new 2018 began, I learned what is the most modern wish for the year's kick off - Be positive. It seems to me, everyone is turning to positivity now and, undoubtedly, it's a promising start. I wasn't an exception and received lots of "be positive" instructions. But they are definitely not relevant to me, because 47 years ago I was born to be positive and there is a clear evidence of that. Being positive is literally in my blood and it's not just a metaphorical expression. Much simpler than it seems - my own blood type is B+ (Be positive). I can almost see you smiling, while thinking "OK, you got me". But being positive is a proven life track of my travel addiction and if you read it further, will trippingly agree with my statement. Even more. You may find the reason for your own ever lasting yearning to travel, discover and explore new countries, people, traditions, differences and to easily get along with. If you are the same blood type, you should feel special,