Day trip TO DO list in Segovia | Tanya GO Travel
I am not sure what impressed me most in Segovia. The Medieval atmosphere, the splendid architecture, the cozy cafes, the narrow paved streets, the marvellous castles, the huge aqueduct, the craft studios, the breathtaking views, the colourful multilingual crowd, the archaic firefighting tracks, the perfectly maintained gardens, the sense of chivalry...To explore all of them in a day trip, I followed my perfectly organised TO DO list. Haven't you ever heard of Segovia? Well...briefly described, it's a soaked by history Spanish city, 80 km away from the capital Madrid. But it's not a Spanish city, which is easy to describe. I guess, it already sounds too complicated, so let me simplify it. I thought nothing could ever surprise me in Spain, after having my only brother living there for almost two decades and after visiting that super vibrant country about 10 times. But I was wrong. Previously I've been to Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Toledo, Canary islands