TOP 10 low-cost flight traps | Tanya GO Travel
Today, flying from Rome to Madrid, I was forced to recall all the low-cost flight traps and tricks. I also realised in only one case I would take my words and flight recommendations back. A year ago I built something like a brief flight beginner manual. It was actually an advice what not to do, while flying for first time and how to hide the obvious lack of flight experience. I clearly remember one of the hints, which proves - to be first in line at the boarding time is a none sense, because anyway the plane would not take off until the boarding is fully completed. But today I discovered an exception. When you are about to face the same one, I would highly recommend to be amongst the most impatient and the first waiting in the boarding line. This only case is related to Ryanair flights. To be precise, I should admit, I like flying by Ryanair. The cheapest, but (by my opinion) the coziest and the most flexible European low-fare airline. Before discovering the comfort of this