Hunting for Argan oil in Morocco | Tanya GO Travel
Have you seen how the argan tree looks like? I have, in Morocco. You would probably say, it's not a big deal. For me it is, because a time travel gate unlocked at the moment I caught a glimpse of that tree. I did not feel the same tickle when I saw my first Mango tree, neither when explored other tropical trees - Jack Fruit and Avocado. The story here is not about the Argan tree itself, but about the scenario, built upon its fruits /seeds. In particular, the huge impact those small germs have on the local Moroccan communities, but at the same time the high-flown effect on the world cosmetic industry. The clash between the luxurious presentation and the humble reality is spectacular. In front of the argan oil work shop in South West Morocco My previous article "Morocco - the land where goats live on trees" ended in the style of...to be continued. I promised to reveal the "hunting" argan oil story and to tell you more about my time travel in 19th century. While the journey to