Morocco – the land where goats live on trees | Tanya GO Travel
Usually people are incline to consider all the Arabs like Middle Easterners. So, when I am asked to share a story about the Middle East, can't be sure what the real expectations are. How Morocco came up? The last time, I was asked about the Middle East, I tried to recall a funny story from Jordan, Lebanon, Dubai, Bahrain or Qatar. But my friends impatiently interrupted me by saying: "No,no, that's enough, we already know in details this region, now tell us about Morocco" It's a bit weird to consider Morocco part of the Middle East. Firstly, because it's in the opposite direction, about eight hour flight from the territory called the Middle East. Secondly - it's located in an area called Magreb, West North Africa. But because of the desert and the oriental romantic impression, Morocco could be added somehow to the Middle Eastern spirit and atmosphere. That's why I did not argue and just asked myself where to start the story from. And then a direct question