My odd Broadway trip, NYC | Tanya GO Travel
Can you recall a moment in life when a miracle happened suddenly, came from nowhere as a summer rain and vanished away with the same speed? It's the only way I could briefly describe my accidental Broadway trip. It caught me unprepared and later drenched me deep in its oddity. I have always liked the Turkish word for fairytale - "Masal". It sounds so unusual, soft and gentle, out of this world. This is the word to precisely picture a sudden event, which turns life's flow upside down and stamps it with a special meaning. Broadway was my "masal". It came as a light breeze, later blew me away and as an extra, made me feel like Cinderella for a night. Starting from the very beginning of this story, I should admit, I didn't want to go to New York at all. Having one of my rare off days, I was enjoying a sunny warm afternoon in London, when my employer called me, cutting it off and asked for an urgent meeting. It was a pleasant Saturday in March, a marvellous