A dream spot for travellers retirement | Tanya GO Travel
Its name sounds very German, but is actually Turkish - Ören. When I began my trip to Ören, I had no idea what to expect. Should I be thrilled and how I'll get in there? I left the rest in the hands of my Turkish hosts, who promised me an unforgettable journey, so I finally stopped asking questions. And it definitely was. a random street in Ören Where should I start from? Let's go back to the name - Ören. There are several spots named Ören in Turkey. The one, I bear in mind, is right on the Aegean Sea, Balikesir province. The pronunciation is "Yoren". It's about 35 km away from Ayvalik - the famous Turkish town, where the ferry to the Greek island of Lesvos (Lesbos) is running from. Ören is beautifully located at the edge of a splendid bay of Edremit (the central city of the province). Me, heading to my retirement dream spot The journey from Istanbul to Ören is quite time consuming, but full of surprises, adventures and delicious food along the road.