A hidden waterfall up in Bulgarian mountains | Tanya GO Travel
After my video of a Hidden waterfall in Pirin Mountain, posted on my Youtube channel, I have been challenged by other travel bloggers to write a guidance, how to localise and reach this glamorous attraction. The secret waterfall in Pirin mountain, Bulgaria, is not easy to find. To be honest, I have postponed any action of writing for a while, because was considering should I do it or not. Don't get me wrong, but I was a bit selfish and hesitant, thinking of the consequences. I generally avoid overcrowded, noisy places, visited by too many people, who are spoiling the charm of the spot. "My waterfall" is still pretty unknown, kind of virgin and untouched by such a crowded attention. It's wild, natural and primitive. Definitely not easy to find. A real gem. No well established routes or signs to. It's just one of the few left not urbanised yet natural wonders. Along with the nearby hot mineral springs in the heart of a volcano, the secret waterfall is reachable