Ierapetra, Crete island – my travel booster | Tanya GO Travel
Crete island turned to be my breaking point, kind of a stepping stone and finally a powerful booster of my extensive future travels. The largest of the Greek islands made me fall in love with at first sight. The island left a permanent trace and turned upside down my life intentions. I know, I am probably too emotional, writing about Crete, but it was the spot, that suddenly revealed my addiction to islands and inspired my upcoming travel adventures. At that moment I was not even aware of it... yet. It happened 14 years ago, when I stepped on Crete island for first time. Later, I visited it four times more, with an average stay from three weeks to a month. I have so much to say about Crete. It's completely different than the rest of Greece, extremely rich of history and nature, but at the same time somehow capsuled in its own lifestyle and timing. I am biased, but have my reasons to be. I'll try to structure below the Cretan wonders, which opened my eyes and