Regular Qatari migration back to the desert | Tanya GO Travel
An hour drive from Qatari capital Doha is located one of the most popular desert areas, where the Qataris are used to go regularly in January. On the way to Laweena, passing Shahaniyah rest point, this large space in the middle of nowhere, right in the heart of the Qatari desert, hosts annually thousands of worshipers. Why it's so important to the locals? Every January, when the temperature is low enough (about 24 degrees C), a great tradition pokes all Qataris to go back to the roots, by remembering, honouring and respecting their ancestors, who lived deep in the desert, divided in tribes. I had the luck to witness that regular January invasion. Regardless the level of wealthiness and social status, all the locals literally move to the desert. Some of them stay just for a couple of days. Forced by the modern lifestyle, they shortly go back to the hectic business schedule in Doha. Others spend in the desert a couple of weeks, facing the humility of their great-great