Make a New Year travel wish | Tanya GO Travel
It's still not too late, even 10 days after the magical New Year's Eve. Making a travel wish, is kind of boosting your luck and pushing ahead your long postponed travel plans. I strongly believe any day of January, the first month of the year, is suitable for manifesting where to go and how to do it. In my homeland, we believe the day could be forecasted by how the morning goes. If the morning is bright and successful, than the whole day will be same as well. January is full of hopes. Depending on how we plan, structure and prioritise it, could be our bright "morning" for the entire year. It's easier than you think. How it usually goes - we wake up in the morning, overloaded by daily schedules and issues. The first reaction is: " Oooh, NO, not again, I have so many things to do and it's going to be the same every day of the year". But it's not going to be as bad as you guess it. Just steal a moment, sit at your favourite chair or sofa, close the eyes and move to a place you have