A magnificent trip to Sun City, South Africa | Tanya GO Travel
I knew it's going to be a memorable adventure at the moment I'd found a 20 Rand bill at the parking lot. Generally, I was pretty excited of visiting Sun City, the exotic well hidden Paradise of South Africa. I was unable to see and hear anything. But stepping out of the car, right in front of me was laying that bill, like a clear sign of a challenge. The start was promising, as I had no idea yet what to expect from my later becoming magnificent Christmas trip to Sun City. 20 South African Rand bill is about 1 British pound, (GBP), so you can think right now it was nothing. But I am kind of superstitious (when it suits me), so this unexpected gift was a signal of a smooth beginning and a fine end of the Christmas day. Speaking of Christmas when the South Africans welcome the summer is a bit tricky. Remember, the summertime in this part of the world is from December to February. When Europe and the USA are suffering under the heavy snow, here the