Top travel tricks to avoid London's traps | Tanya GO Travel
No doubt, London is one of my favourite capitals ever and I am going to mention it not only once or twice in my articles. It's attractive, loud, hectic, elegant, full of unexpected struggles, especially when you are "a first time visitor". All year round, London is overcrowded by tourists, generating millions of pounds from the visitor's curiosity or stupidity. Don't be stupid in London! Save your money and don't pay more than you were meant to. Be aware of the pack of travel tricks and equipment you should need to avoid London's traps and to remain finally satisfied of your visit. When I was talking about equipment, I did NOT mean this: How to arrange your travel bag is none of my business and I am the last person, who will dare to give you an advice, regarding the suitcase order and content. But you still can keep an eye on it. Maybe the pictures could turn to a hint what is the essential for your travel needs. I should admit, by "travel equipment" I did