Bologna, the city you should travel to eat | Tanya GO Travel
Today I am in a mood to share my long lasting fascination with one favourite Italian city. I'll do my best to offer a different perspective to Bologna, the city you should travel to for chasing and exploring a bunch of culinary peculiarities. The food in Bologna is a cult. Forget about fast food or healthy diets! Heading to Bologna, the tourist is approaching a paradise for gourmands and gourmet. It's a spot where the local delicacies will tickle your curiosity and provoke you to taste whatever the cafes and the restaurants are able to attract you to. Nowadays most of the blogs tolerate the formula "The best 10 to do things" or "Top 10 to do things" and make those articles work. I find them somehow subjective and sometimes boring. Such type of ratings rarely express the passion and the original viewpoint of the author, by simply ordering a number of stuff. I would like to "forward" my passion to Bologna in this article and won't just simply name the top 10 things